Advertising Partners

  1. This is a no-risk high-reward program that puts the media company in a position to use their products to drive results to your business. You only pay on the leads generated and/or a fixed cost of marketing on the sales results you receive. These sales can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.
  2. Have you decided that print doesn’t work for you? We represent a network of media companies that will show qualified advertising partners otherwise. You don’t have anything to lose and these sales can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.
  3. How does it work? FCM Solutions interviews prospects to determine whether they are qualified for the program. We perform transparency analysis and opportunity analysis, and establish a mutual understanding of the value associated with an investment in this partnership. We are responsible for all accountability communication.
  4. What customers work best? Non-brick-and-mortar and phone inquiry based businesses like home improvement, travel and cosmetic services are typically a great fit. We can work with auto dealers and furniture stores as well.
  5. Turnkey partnership. FCM Solutions creates the marketing plan, coordinates the ad placement with the media partner, monitors the results and optimizes the program to ensure we are achieving the highest rate of return possible for you and the media partner. We are invested in results, revenue and increasing sales for a fixed cost of marketing your products.

Advertising Partner