Advertising Partners

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So, you want more leads but you don’t know where to start? Or, you’re looking to only spend on leads you sell?

$31 Million

Sales Generated for Advertising Partners since 2017.


Risk-Free Leads Generated in the Last Four Years.

This is a no-risk, high-reward program:

You only pay on the leads generated and/or a fixed cost of marketing on the sales results you receive. We work with advertisers to negotiate a cost of marketing percentage that is mutually beneficial. We then run your ads in our network of newspapers and charge a percentage of sales that those ads generate.

How does it work?

We create the marketing plan and coordinate the ad placements with our media partners. Then, our team monitors the results and optimizes the program to ensure we are achieving the highest rate of return possible for our partners. In addition, we perform transparency and opportunity analysis to establish a mutual understanding of the value associated with an investment in this partnership.

Turnkey partnership

Our campaign programs utilize a Turnkey business model, ensuring fixed costs and consistent results. With calibrated templates and scheduling options, we make marketing easy and affordable. 

How can print media marketing work for you?

We work with a network of media companies that will show qualified advertising partners the benefits of print media marketing, with quantifiable results to prove it. 

What customers work best?

Our services work best with businesses that exist in multiple spaces. For instance, phone inquiry-based businesses, like home improvement, travel and cosmetic services are typically a great fit. 

Want more leads?


We can expand your footprint in markets you want to grow and take all the individual negotiations off your plate, so you can focus on what’s important.