Media Partners

We resell your space for a high margin return based on the performance of advertiser product sales. There’s no overhead and no commission to a sales rep. This is a no risk program for the advertiser, and limited risk program for the media partner.

How we collaborate with you to make you money

  1. FCM Solutions analyzes available inventory in core and feature sections, and then targets business categories that have vacated the publication, typically beginning with home improvement and travel. Point-of-purchase categories like furniture, mattresses and auto may be added as additional opportunities.
  2. We act as resellers in the same way you resell digital marketing options outside of your own portfolio. This approach ensures your reps maintain focus on local sales and eliminates the need for additional FTE’s.
  3. FCM Solutions bills the advertiser, collects, and then pays you, our media partner, the pre-agreed percentage of realized revenue. We deliver a monthly report of total advertiser sales to ensure transparency.
  4. FCM Solutions provides digital tracking technology, dedicated phone lines, voice capture, back-end CRM monitoring of advertising partners and third-party auditing where applicable.
  5. Revenue potential is based on the performance of your products.  It’s not a question of if fixed-cost marketing will work, it’s a question of how well your products work to produce results.  We all know print works but some categories of business have abandoned it for a variety of reasons.  Join our network and we will find transparent advertising partners who are willing to pay for the performance of those products.